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    ✌️ (at Ojai Rancho Inn)

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    Hidden Charms

    The pictures that were floating in the background this month.

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    Art by Akumu Kurai

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    • Vintage indie blog •

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    Firing up the twin turbo tub

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    We’re pretty much in love with Ira Chernova now. (Photography by Jeff Vallee)

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    The Intricate and Beautiful Paper Cutting Art of Maude White

    Maude White is a paper cutting artist living in Buffalo, NY. She loves the great strength, yet delicacy of paper. Her work is done on the macro as well as the micro level. Every cut is exact and meaningful. She enjoys playing with positive and negative space to create fantastic scenes and stories. She considers herself a craftsperson and has a deep respect for the paper she transforms. In pursuing her work, she hopes to make visible to others the immense world of possibilities that every piece of paper holds.

    Maude White: Birds I’ve Been

    September 5th-October 25th, 2014
    Opening September 5th, 2014 6-9pm

    White’s show is the fourth in the 12 x 14 series at WNYBAC, which features 5 artists over the course of twelve months; Maude will also host a free collaborative event that will give insight into her process on Saturday September 20th, 2014 from 12-5pm.

    ”When I cut paper, I feel as if I am peeling back the outer, superficial layer of our vision to reveal the secret space beneath. With paper cutting there are so many opportunities to create negative space that tells its own story. Letting the observer become present in the piece allows him or her to look through it. I like the idea of the stark contrast between the black and white paper, and the cut nature of the work makes my art more three-dimensional than paint on canvas. ”

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    Strange Beauties by Jen Mann | Tumblr


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    World’s cutest kitten promoted to Queen of the Clovers

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